Made in America for All the Right Reasons

American manufacturing has been on the endangered list for decades. Of those who’ve fought to survive in this vanishing landscape, a gritty few have sustained a heartbeat. When we spend money on imported goods, we send dollars away from home with each swipe of the credit card. Now is the time for American allegiance. As consumers, the cost will be convenience. As a nation, the reward will be endurance. Buying American stands for:

    Robust main streets, small business growth and better local infrastructure to support residents. Liberation from overconsumption. A sound economy that produces its essentials at home upholds national security and independence from foreign influence.

    Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness all require personal economic opportunity. Local industry provides essential employment and living wages in its region. We know what happens to cities and towns that lose manufacturing to offshoring: they die. Creating, producing, making goods makes communities thrive.

    What is the human cost to produce an item that costs next-to-nothing? The same item cannot be made in the US for next-to-nothing because employees are paid a living wage and they work in sound environments. Buying locally-made products supports honest working practices—fostering human rights at home rather than subsidizing human exploitation abroad.

    There’s lots of enthusiasm around reducing human impact on the environment—but if every item we buy has to travel here on a barge from half way across the planet, does it really matter that we carry it all home in a reusable tote? American manufacturers abide by environmental protection standards; an additional expense for consumers. If we believe in the science behind our own regulations, it’s in our best interest to buy from companies that stay and follow the rule of law. 

When fabrication happens stateside, all the dimensions of research, design, innovation, production and export flow into our communities. The reach transcends economic growth. A dynamic manufacturing culture elevates our standard of living across every strata of our society. If we can shop America with loyalty, more people will soon rediscover the pride of craftsmanship we call made in the USA.

Where you can, when you can, buy American.