Meet the Makers Who Have Taken L.L. Bean Behind the Woodshed

Maine’s mega-brand is certainly not alone in suggesting a misleading narrative when it comes to American craftsmanship, so shoppers are embarking on a new quest for authenticity. Check out the quality coming out of these workshops and factories:

American Giant
Duckworth Co.
Ramblers Way

American Adorn
Two Crows for Joy

Bedrock Sandals
Redwing Shoes
Oak Street Bootmakers

General Knot
Buck Products
Lone Peak Packs

American Blanket Company
Steele Canvas
By the Yard

Amana Shops
Under the Tree
Little Colorado

It pays to do a little digging before buying into the illusion used to keep historically American-made brands from resting, or selling, on their laurels. Of course L.L. Bean is not the only retailer taking advantage of consumers with loyalist branding. Try finding an American Apparel t-shirt or a Pendleton sweater that was actually fabricated in this country. 

Some big names are trying to beat the system by misstating a product’s country of origin. Williams-Sonoma, along with their Rejuvenation and Pottery Barn brands, were recently fined one million dollars by the FTC for doing just that on high-end merchandise. 

Caveat emptor.

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