Feathering your nest with home-grown goods is a parenting win and now is the time to get consumer conscious. The United States has higher health and safety standards than our foreign competitors and local oversight of production means quality control. Here’s our list of baby essentials, made here, to get you started:

Maternity & Postpartum Shapewear & Belly Bands

Maternity Clothing
Maternal America


High Chair
Amish Outlet Store

Baby Bedding
Liz and Roo

Brahms Mount

Sleeper bag
CastleWare Baby

Baby wrap
Tuck & Bundle

Organic Onesies
Brian the Pekingese

Nursing Pillow

Baby Headrest
Baby Elephant Ears

There are a staggering number of baby products on the market that are intended to make your new role effortless. Fact check: there’s nothing about mounting clutter that makes a parent’s life easier. Buying American edits the excess. If you check labels before you purchase, the majority of items won’t make the cut and you’ll have a moment to pause and ask yourself, ‘Do we really need this?”

Keep it simple: less stuff, more love.